Really Want to Sell Your Dominican Republic Property?

  • Take Back Control Of The Sale

  • No Agency Fees or Commission

  • Direct Contact With Buyers

Do You Really Want To Sell?

That may seem like a stupid question but it’s not!

There are many vendors who simply place their property on the market in the hope that someone will pay whatever price they are asking.  They are not really bothered whether the property sells or stays on the market indefinitely.

They will almost certainly be setting a price well above true “Market Value” and that creates a false value for other sellers who really do want to sell.

I Want To Sell So What Are My Options?

Option 1 - List With An Agent

This is normally everyone’s first choice.  It’s easy to do and you hope the agent has the experience and expertise to find you a buyer.  However, there are some downsides to this approach:-

  • It’s expensive. The commission may be anywhere from 5% to 10% of the sale price.

  • The Agent will probably recommend a sale price relative to other similar properties they, and other agents already have listed. Even though those properties may have been for sale for months or even years and are still unsold.

  • Agents generally don’t like listing one property at a price less than other similar properties.  If other owners see a unit on their complex, or a comparable complex, at a “reduced price” they will question the value of their property or ask the agent why they recommended a higher price when they listed.

  • Once your property is listed you probably won’t hear anything from the agent unless you keep asking for updates.  You won’t know if there has been any interest, inquiries, or maybe even an offer! Some agents will not pass an offer on if they think it is too low!

  • Agents only want to sell a property.  They don’t care who’s. They will try to sell whichever property they think the buyer will purchase and that may well not be yours even if the price is competitive or less than other similar units.


  • Despite the fact that it is the vendor who pays the agent’s commission “canny” buyers know that really they have paid this on top of the true market value.  That’s why sensible buyers want to deal directly with the owner and negotiate one on one.

Option 2 - Try To Sell Privately

This is an alternative and one that will work out a lot cheaper as there will be no agent’s commission to pay.  But it also has a number of disadvantages:-

  • To try to sell privately you will need to advertise and that can be expensive.

  • You can purchase a Domain Name, that is fairly cheap but it needs to be something appropriate.

  • You can either build a website yourself or pay a designer to make one for you.

  • You need to think about SEO.

  • You will then need to pay a Hosting fee to display your property website on the internet.

  • The major problem with this is your one-page property website is unlikely to be found as all the top search results for properties are occupied by Estate Agents!

Hmm! Are There No Other Options?

What Can They Do For Me?

Dominican Republic Properties FSBO provides the best of both worlds by combining the advertising and promotion of properties offered for sale by owners WITHOUT any of the costs involved:-

  • There is no fee to list your property nor any commission payable if your property sells.

  • Your property is advertised on the internet in the same way as an Estate Agent advertises via our website a no cost to you.

  • Interested buyers contact you, the owner directly so you know what interest there is in your property.

  • You set the price you want for your property without being influenced by an agent or other property owners.

  • You negotiate with any interested buyer to get a deal that is acceptable to you both.

  • You can edit your listing and adjust the price at any time without cost.


  • You can still keep your listing with an agent or list with an agent if you have not already done so. Listing your property with an agent does not mean you cannot sell privately. You have no obligation to pay an agent unless you have signed an Exclusive Agency Agreement.

  • It’s easy to list your property but if you need assistance we will help you.

Sounds Too Good To Be True - There Has To Be A Catch?

We know! It does sound too good to be true, but honestly, there is no catch. No hidden fees, costs, or charges!


People normally ask why can we offer this opportunity without charging anything and the answer is really very simple – Advertising!


The more properties listed on Dominican Republic Properties FSBO the higher ranking we will get in Google search and the more visitors we will get looking at the site. We already know that many prospective buyers don’t trust Agents and prefer to deal directly with owners.  So more visitors to our site are good for us and good for vendors.

Once we have sufficient traffic we will be able to attract quality advertisers to place adverts on the site.

Visitors to the D.R. almost invariable fly, so need tickets. Many will also hire a car.  They might also need other things like luggage, or suntan lotion, or beachwear. We will earn commission from any sales we make so we can offer free listings and pay our costs from these.

So a win/win for everyone!

What Should I Do Now?

Head over to the Dominican Republic Properties FSBO website and sign up to list your property for sale.

It really is that easy and won’t cost you a dime, so you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

If you know someone who is seriously looking to sell their property in the Dominican Republic please let them know about Dominican Republic Properties FSBO

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